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My Alabama Shaw Family on My Fatherís Side From 1861-2014

May 24, 2017

Tags: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Family, Black Family, Black Excellence, Racial Equality, Confederacy, US Congressman need a "Pass, " Work Ethic, Family Values, Education, Slavery, Manhood Ritual, Recreation Cotton, Corn, and Peanut Field Work, Disciplining

As you recall, the summer of 2000, Bennie and I took our granddaughter Gabrielle, Sixth-Generation family Shaw woman to New York

Posted May 24, 2017

Annie Shaw-Barnes, Ph.D.
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Hi everyone,

While Bennie, my husband, Gabrielle, and I were staying at the Renaissance in Times Square, we took a cruise around Lower Manhattan, New York, on the Circle Line Cruise Ship.

We sailed to Liberty Island, location of the Stature of Liberty and to Ellis Island, the location where immigrants obtained and filled out forms for permission to stay in the United States. Both Islands are located next to each other.

We sailed pass the two tall Twin Towers World Trade Center and one of the four tallest buildings in the United States. Also, we saw the clock in the background, and it is the largest opened-face clock in America.

The wind was blowing, the beautiful sunny day had an 80 plus temperature with low humidity, and the cruise was wonderful.

I will share a picture of Gabrielle and me waiting to board Circle Line Cruise Ship and another picture of Bennie, Gabrielle, and me cruising on the Circle Line.

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In the Phylon journal, my article "The Black Beauty Parlor Complex in a Southern City" examines the role of the beauty parlor in the adaptation of black women, by social class, in Newport News, Virginia. In the Virginia Social Science Journal, young adult men are adamant about becoming unwed fathers.