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My Alabama Shaw Family on My Father’s Side From 1861-2014

After the Emancipation Proclamation, white man continued to be build America on Great Grandmother Julie’s, Granddaddy Adam Shaw, Sr., and Daddy, Adam Shaw, Jr. and his family’s backs, and others, like us, and, without doubt, white man should give us half credit for America and half the good opportunities of every sort.

Posted July 25, 2016

Annie Shaw-Barnes, Ph.D.
Author and Speaker
Cultural Anthropologist
Family Specialist
Christian Church Specialist
Spousal Abuse Specialist
Racism Specialist

Hi everyone,

America was built on my back and the backs of my family members and on the backs of so many other Negro families and, as a result, we deserve half credit for the existence of America and an equal half of all America holds.

My great grandmother Julie worked the land in slavery and, after she was freed, she continued working the land, and granddaddy and his family worked on his land and fought to get what his crops were worth, while white man continued designing America. America was built on my back, too. I worked as a journey woman sharecropper on an Alabama sharecropping farm, while white man was still designing America. It is only right for White America to help me and all other blacks reach our fullest potential. We have paid the price, and we want the products we paid for, that is, respect—pleasant faces, good company (with or without talking—and equal opportunity to receive the same amount of everything you have and, when we are not prepared, it is because you provided us under-standard school buildings with ill equipped labs or no labs, incorrect curricula, and black and white teachers who do not know how to teach. For them to do that, they, too, must be educated in the best schools. Do you see how messed up things are, but you and I can straightened everything out. With us working together, as two wonderful races, we will use everyone’s gifts and live even more gloriously.

Please remember white people are still designing America on the backs of Black Americans by working in offices, earning mounds of money, while refusing to hire and train blacks to the utmost, hiring blacks in good jobs, and paying them equal pay for equal work. Why not do this and hire them in good jobs as recent graduates to get started off in life? You can do so. Will you do it for all us blacks who have helped put you are, wherever you are because we haven’t done anything to you but good—made you better off than us—and in our frustration, rarely ever kill you. We are good people. The history cases show that we let you live even though you treat us like second class citizens. On this point, please be noble and treat all black men and women as your equal American citizen.

Blacks are human beings who worked to the utmost in slavery. Back to me, I am a witness today that America was built on my back. I worked as hard as any man on a sharecropping farm in south central Alabama and did not get paid a dime, while white man was still designing America, as he continues to do. In effect, white people are the ones on welfare because they live off our labor, low wages, or unemployment. They earn millions off us and do not want to provide good paying jobs and welfare, for those who need it, in Inner City America. The way we live in America is that we pay welfare to millionaires and the poor. The wealthiest White Americans are our greatest welfare recipients. Except for the working and middle classes, White America is on welfare and they talk and act hatefully about blacks on welfare because they are just like them, except they take their money from us and poor blacks receive theirs from the government. It seems more noble to me to be on welfare from the government than to be on welfare of the blacks of people who are just like them, except skin color, and, actually, so many blacks have whiter skin color than they do. Yes, I am suggesting that wealthy whites stop receiving welfare at our disadvantage and remember that even their skin color is not as white as some of our people , and they know why. They were getting sex off the backs of black women.
America is a welfare country, for the rich and poor, and will always be, until high morality, education, income equality, and equal opportunity are established in the heart of every American citizen and by the President, United States Congress, and the Supreme Court. The legislative branches are not games, instead, they are bodies who should make the right decisions, instead of political party because we are human beings, not chess and dominoes to be used and moved around.

I hope all three branches of government and all employees begin to feel genuinely good, which is how it makes one feel and there is nothing fake about that kind of feeling.

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