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My Alabama Shaw Family on My Father’s Side From 1861-2014

While Great Grandmother Julie was still unmarried, I will tell you about her slave peers, during the Antebellum Era. They are my friends’ ancestors. I was told these insightful true stories about the Antebellum Era in 1969 and 1970, while conducting research for my doctoral dissertation, in the Royal Oak Manor neighborhood in Northwest Atlanta, and I used pseudonyms for their names, except my husband’s and his antebellum ancestors who were, also, Great Grandmother Julie’s peers.

Posted August 1, 2016

Annie Shaw-Barnes, Ph.D.
Author and Speaker
Cultural Anthropologist
Family Specialist
Family Education Specialist
Spousal Abuse Specialist
Christian Church Specialist
Racism Specialist

Hi everyone,

Listen to Mrs. Patsy’s story about one of my great grandmother Julie’s peers.

Mrs. Patsy’s slave grandfather was a much sought after target by the “Paddy Rollers.” They were a group of white men from various plantations who caught blacks and whipped them, when they were away from their own plantation, or attending a dance without a “pass,” an ID. It was used like a voter ID, and it would be a good practice for white man in the United States Congress. Specifically, their coat should have signs on it saying I Voted for Gun Regulation, and other signs, IDs, that tell legislation they did not vote for. Today, our highly needed United States Congress is full of congressmen who are on welfare. They use our money, to support their families, by doing nothing, in almost a decade, they have not delivered. They need IDs to wear everywhere they go, and the Speaker of the House should have a pass saying, I didn’t let the minimum wage bill “come to the floor” and so many more. White man started the ID practice, and our congressmen are the best people to wear “Pass” of “Did not Pass” on their coats, and they would be highly decorated gentlemen, for good or for bad. The poor slaves had IDs, after a hard work week, to visit another plantation or attend a dance, to feel some humanity. White man, in Congress, get your “pass” or “did not “pass” or would not let the bill come to the floor “pass.” Now “Paddy Rollers” will show how your ancestors taught you to make IDs or Passes and please follow suit.

After the “Paddy Rollers” had tried, unsuccessfully, for a long time, to catch and beat Mrs. Patsy’s grandfather, they finally trapped him in his typically constructed slave house, a small house with one window and one door, while he was attending a dance. The “Paddy Rollers” stood at the small window and door of the house in order to be assured that he would not escape. The evening was cool and in the fireplace a hickory fire with red hot coals warmed the small house. Upon seeing the “Paddy Rollers,” Mrs. Patsy’s grandfather stood still and said to his wife, “Mattie, hand me that shovel over there.” His wife immediately handed the shovel, and he quickly scooped up some hot coals out of the fireplace, went to the door, and scattered them. The “Paddy Rollers” caught on fire, before they could leave the house, threw down their hickory sticks they had brought to whip Mrs. Patsy’s grandfather, started fighting fire, ran and jumped into the branch of water, nearby, and put out the fire in their clothing. The “Paddy Rollers” left him alone that night, but her grandfather’s plantation owner sent his slave up north to keep the “Paddy Rollers” from catching and killing him.
Like Great Grandmother Julie, there were some good slave masters. Hence, we should all believe in the goodness of everyone and looking back at the “Paddy Rollers” in 2016 because they did not regard humanity and treated Negro men, unfairly, and starting white man today requiring us to have Voter IDs, which are the same as the “pass,” “Paddy Rollers” used as an excuse to whip grown Negro men. Yes, that’s the goal of the Voter ID. As you see, there is nothing new. Instead, it is the consequence of not having a pass in the antebellum era and, today, at the voting station.

And there should be a consequence, when US Congressmen do not pass good infra-structure legislation and all other needed legislation, vote them out of office, like the Paddy Rollers beat Negro men who just wanted a little fun after their slave work.

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