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My Family from 1861 to 2014

Posted July 18, 2016

Annie Shaw-Barnes, Ph.D.
Author and Speaker
Cultural Anthropologist
Family Specialist
Christian Church Specialist
Spousal Abuse Specialist
Racism Specialist
Former American Government teacher

Hi everyone,

Starting, today, July 19, 2016, I will blog five days a week, except holidays, about my family, from 1861 to 2014, and my first conversations will be about my great grandmother Julie who was born and freed during slavery. I would be delighted if you to stop by, read, enjoy, and, if you have time, leave comments about my family and about the way our families are alike or different.

As a former American government teacher trained at New York University, NYC, like you, I am interested in our government and we should be looking at both presidential candidates and vice presidential candidates closely. During this research, we should be looking for specific matters. We, always, want an American president who knows the American Constitution, America, and the world and that means they are well-grounded in knowledge about all countries in the world, including their specific locations. Very Importantly, we must watch the two presidential candidates’ speeches. Specifically, are they well-organized, well-developed, and well presented. Also, do they speak on kindergarten, elementary, junior high school, high school, graduate, or are they highly educated and know how to speak, invitingly and compassionately, what they say, especially their PROMISES and THE HOW, in detail, how each will be accomplished, without holding papers down at podiums or amateur teleprompter reading. Again, please let us stop listening to only WHAT the presidential candidates will do, without telling us HOW, with evidence, step-by-step, that can be fact checked.

Moreover, in this research that you and I will do, during this general election season, we will look at the presidential candidates and determine the one who will be a good model for our children, our most important product. As a family specialist, I am concerned about what the two presidential candidates will teach our children. They should teach our children self-control, good temperament, good public speaking, well-crafted sentences, concern for others, none of the ME stuff, limited hand motion, face, mouth, and body twisting— that is not good public speaking methods— and respect for all people—the best ways to unify this nation that was torn up, during the political campaign season and that was a good way to get attention. Now, let us look for the presidential candidates with the good characteristics because that is the only kind of person who can unify America.

While you go through the general election season and far beyond, I hope you will enjoy reading my first series, My 1861-2014 Shaw family, Monday through Friday and the gov. lesson today.

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