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My Alabama Shaw Family on My Father’s Side From 1861-2014

Dr. Benson, had a confluence of blacks and whites in his genealogy and the antebellum ones were ahead of my grandmother Julie

Posted August 5, 2016
Annie Shaw-Barnes, Ph.D.
Author and Speaker
Cultural Anthropologist
Family Specialist
Family Education Specialist
Spousal Abuse Specialist
Christian Church Specialist
Racism Specialist

Hi everyone,

Dr. Benson’s relatives were during and after antebellum and included people we know.

Mr. Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States, statesman, and founder of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville was Dr. Benson’s grandmother’s great grandfather, far ahead of Great Grandmother Julie’s time. One of his grandfather’s progenitors went back to Liberia in 1827, and an uncle of his mother was Frederick Douglass. Mr. Douglass fought in the Civil War, graduated the Chicago Law School and helped found the Niagra Movement, which later became the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. He was also admitted to the Law Bar in West Virginia and, at the time of his death, in 1887, he was West Virginia’s Dean of the Bar. Dr. Benson had a family Bible dated 1835 and many antiques that have been passed down through his family to him.

Dr. Benson’s antebellum white ancestors and black ancestors made highly worthwhile and long-lasting contributions to all of America, or part of it. And I am glad that I am a Ph.D. graduate of Mr. Jefferson’s beautiful University of Virginia that I love so much. Mr. Douglass, for us black people, was in the same League as Mr. Jefferson, for the NAACP has won many court cases keeping our people out of jail, getting us our rights, including education and I am in this group, and shortening terms of so-called black law violators. When Mr. Douglass started at the roots of the NAACP, he helped all blacks and made many white people better and, today, the NAACP fights on and, so far, like Mr. Jefferson’s university, has far reaching results.

In comparing the two men, one governed this country and founded the University of Virginia, Mr., Douglass’ organization fought for long- lasting humanity for blacks, including education, throughout America. Respect for humanity is the highest thing that anyone can do. As you see blacks can be prominent, equal to whites, if racism, insecurity of whites does not get in the way. When anyone sees a racist, judge him or her for who they are, insecure people who take out their unhappiness on black people because, if they have money, money, alone, does not make them happy. With their money, they can be happy, if they stop being racists toward us. Guess what! I believe the well-off and less-well off white people want happiness and, after Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Douglass, in 2016, they will throw down their raging, often uncontrollable inner insecure spirit in them that makes them hateful toward blacks and begin to love us at least for the purpose of getting joy for themselves. If they want help themselves to be happy, they need to work for love of self and love of us.

I know racism is a hindrance to talent that can enrich this country, therefore, use your talent, wrestle, kindly, with racists, make them your friends with proud, not grinning interaction, unless that is what they need, and be like Mr. Douglass and Mr. Jefferson. Yes, I want all white people to respect and give us a fair chance.

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