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My Alabama Shaw Family on My Father’s Side From 1861-2014

Except for Daddy, the Shaw children had fun playing, like most children

Posted Sept 8, 2016

Annie Shaw-Barnes, Ph.D.
Author and Speaker
Cultural Anthropologist
Family Specialist
Family Education Specialist
Spousal Abuse Specialist
Christian Church Specialist
Racism Specialist

Hi everyone,

Except for Daddy, the Shaw children had fun playing, like most children.

They shot marbles, fished, and hunted, which was the only times they put their hands on the family shotguns. Guns, in the Shaw family, were only for hunting. Uncle Jack liked to hunt and used the guns more than anyone else in the family. Aunt Willie Lee and Aunt Rosa played cards, but my daddy grew up without playing. All children need to play for enjoyment and self-expression, augmented, often, with reading good books. If not, they miss some of the delightfulness of their childhood and the knowledge they should know each year of their life.

Even though Daddy experienced that loss, he remained the kindest man I have ever known, but people are different.

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