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My Alabama Shaw Family on My Father’s Side From 1861-2014

When the Shaw children were lied on, they told Granddaddy the truth, but, once, he didn’t listen

Posted Aug 30, 2016

Annie Shaw-Barnes, Ph.D.
Author and Speaker
Cultural Anthropologist
Family Specialist
Family Education Specialist
Spousal Abuse Specialist
Christian Church Specialist
Racism Specialist

Hi everyone,

I will tell you a story about a man who lied on some of my uncles and the consequences.

When a few of my uncles were on their way home, one night, they saw Mr. Greenwood, one of Granddaddy's married friends, acting romantic, with a woman who was not his wife. He thought they would tell Granddaddy, but they didn’t. Instead, Mr. Greenwood told Granddaddy, "I saw your boys, the other night, where they shouldn't have been."

After Mr. Greenwood left and Granddaddy told them what Mr. Greenwood said, they tried to get Granddaddy to understand that it was the other way around. He didn’t listen. Immediately, Granddaddy whipped them one-by-one, and they were hurt because he believed Mr. Greenwood’s story, instead of theirs.’

This story continues next time.

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