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Photo Gallery

Posted June 21, 2017

Annie Shaw-Barnes, Ph.D.
Author and Speaker
Cultural Anthropologist
Family Specialist
Christian Church Specialist
Spousal Abuse Specialist
Racism Specialist

Hi Everyone,

I write to invite you to visit my website, annieshawbarnes.com, click on the Photo Gallery page, and view pictures from 1861. If you have time to view my Photo Gallery, I hope you will enjoy it.

As I said, the last time we were together, I will, eventually, blog on different topics, and I hope you will always follow my conversations. Importantly, I would like to hear your thoughts, even about my Photo Gallery.

Please join the conversation and follow me on:

Website: annieshawbarnes.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/annie.barnes.56
Google: plus.google.com
Twitter: twitter.com/AnnieShawBarnes
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